Educators know the most effective way to achieve student success is by increasing parental engagement.

PimsPoints can help you easily implement a powerful parental engagement program.

  • We work closely with you to brand, implement, and promote your parent engagement program specifically to your school
  • Our established tools and templates allow us to quickly adapt the materials to promote your program in the best possible way

PimsPoints® Mobile App

In addition to your customized program, parents and the school will use PimsPoints. Developed by an educator, PimsPoints is not a program; it's a fully developed notification tool for  increasing parent engagement.  More specifically, it's a powerful mobile app that helps parents become engaged in their child's education by providing various incentives based on simple use.

No Child Left Behind

Tracking and providing parental engagement is required by law for your school to get funding. The structure of PimsPoints is based on research and follows No Child Left Behind sect. 1118.

  • We provide professional development to help you align your parent engagement program with federal guidelines and research
  • PimsPoints directly supports NCLB parent engagement initiatives
  • We can help you track funds allocated for parent engagement activities
  • Educators' opinions and assistance are involved in every step of the way
  • Centralize parent engagement activities and communications
  • PimsPoints takes the stress out of adhering to parent engagement monitoring and compliance