We all want our children to succeed in school. The best way for them to do that is for you to be engaged. PimsPoints® makes getting and staying engaged easy and rewarding.

What is PimsPoints?

PIMS, or Parent Involvement Management System, is an incentive-based technology platform available through web or mobile that you can use to receive communications from your child’s school and earn rewards for being engaged. The PimsPoints mobile app is completely free and is available for Apple iOS and Android.

How does it work?

PimsPoints allows you to do multiple things easily:

  • Receive points based on simple use. For example, when you attend a school event, use the PimsPoints mobile app to check in (if you don't own a smart phone, you can check in through our website with your unique user ID). You will accumulate points for your attendance and engagement. These points go toward rewards from local businesses.
  • Receive notifications of events and schedules through the mobile app or website.
  • Sign up to attend meetings and events with one click.
  • Receive, sign, and return important documents via mobile app or website.
  • Receive and participate in poll/evaluations to help schools make decisions.
  • Automatically set reminders and alerts of events you plan to attend.

Why should I use PimsPoints?

There are many benefits to both you and your child:

  • Get rewarded! You can see a list of partners, which are local businesses, that allow you to redeem your rewards. PimsPoints partners offer discounts, coupons, free stuff, and more.
  • Your engagement is important for your child’s mental health. Studies have shown that parental engagement not only helps their child achieve success in school, but it helps raise their child’s self-confidence.
  • Engaged parents increase their child’s potential to be academically successful.
  • Contribute to school decisions while providing valuable insight.
  • It’s free, easy to use, and available any time via mobile.
  • Never miss a PTA meeting or student-teacher conference again due to miscommunication.

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