Engaging parents does not have to be difficult.

What is PimsPoints®?

PimsPoints is an incentive-based mobile and web platform that allows you to integrate ALL your parent engagement programs and activities, communications, and reporting in one central location.

Unlike notification systems, PimsPoints has a built-in incentive feature that rewards points to parents for being an active participant in school-related activities, which directly correlates to your students' and school's success.

How does it work?

  • Schedule an activity or meeting and share it with the parents in the network.
  • Parents receive a notification and electronically sign up in real time via mobile app or a user-friendly website.
  • They then use the PimsPoints mobile app to check in when they arrive on the date and time scheduled (if they don't own a smart phone, they can check in via website with their unique user ID).
  • PimsPoints technology rewards points to the parent for attending the event.
  • Parents use the points to redeem rewards from local business partners. Parents can also receive points for completing online surveys and submitting documents such as permission slips.

What are the benefits?

  • Built-in technology training module for parents
  • Save time scheduling and sharing events - do it online and parents will be notified through the app.
  • Get parents’ attention quickly - send them alerts and notices.
  • Safely and quickly send electronic documents.
  • Verify parent attendance with the app’s documentation.
  • Report according to six areas of parental engagement and accountability (Every Student Succeeds Act).

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