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National Parent Engagement Problem Improved with Mobile App

As North Carolina’s Department of Juvenile Justice jumps on board, organizational interest in PimsPoints® app gains momentum.

MEMPHIS, TN – Twenty years of research indicates parent engagement as a root cause of student success. The North Carolina Department of Juvenile Justice is proactively addressing the problem through a strategic partnership with IdleMind Technologies LLC. IdleMind Technologies LLC was formed to develop, and bring to market, PimPoints®, a patent-pending technology that rewards parents through a mobile points system for being active in their child’s life. This newly formed partnership excites interest from the K-12 ecosystem as innovation improves a long-standing problem.

Unveiled at the 2014 National Association of Federal Education Program Administrators’ or NAFEAPA conference, PimPoints® was immediately embraced by several charter and public schools in Tennessee and Chicago as well as early childhood agencies and government organizations. K-12 education reformer and tech entrepreneur, Lovell Seals, has taken his passion for reaching at-risk children into the mobile age. After two decades of developing nationally recognized after-school and tutoring programs for kids living in poverty, Mr. Seals is taking aim at the root cause of scholastic failure – disengaged parents.

“The problem is that some K-12 organizations, non-profits, and government agencies are having a difficult time getting parents to be engaged. They are providing workshops, classes and volunteering opportunities, etc. to increase parent engagement but attendance and participation is still a challenge. IdleMind Technologies is not claiming to solve the parent engagement problem with PimPoints®. We are simply providing a platform to improve communication about and support of parent engagement opportunities. PimPoints® allows data to be tracked over time. We are confident that with the further long-term research PimPoints® provides, behavior correlations will emerge.” –Lovell Seals, Founder – IdleMind Technologies LLC

Communicating with parents is easy with PimPoints®. The technology is mobile and web-based for maximum versatility. PimPoints® mobile app is free for parents to download on Apple and Android devices. Organizations that are committed to engaging parents can subscribe to PimPoints®. As a subscriber, organizations can use PimPoints® to schedule and notify parents of available opportunities to:

  • Become knowledgeable
  • Build relationships
  • Contribute to decision-making
  • Support student achievement.

Parents can immediately sign up to attend and check-in the day of the event. Parents also earn points for verifying receipt of important documents and participating in poll/evaluations. Parent engagement activity data can then be connected directly to student progress. The hypothesis is that higher parent engagement rates will yield higher student successes in the form of class attendance, improved test scores, and lower drop-out rates.

PimPoints® rewards an engaged parent for staying engaged in the life of their student. Parents earn and exchange points for electronic coupons provided by the local business community. They can redeem the coupon at the business location or online utilizing their mobile device. Lovell Seals feels an entire community will be united through PimPoints® in its effort to provide young people with upward mobility. Many local companies want to support this type of educational reform effort but lack a reputable channel to do so through. The PimPoints® technology bridges that gap. Mr. Seals is currently enrolling merchant partners to offer electronic coupons and other discounts to engaged parents.

Helping Organizations Engage Parents by Leveraging Innovative Technology.®