About Us

Created by an educator who understands that communication, opportunity and accountability are vital factors that contribute to effective parent engagement, PimsPoints is an incentive-based app that motivates parents to engage in their child’s education.

“Communication, opportunity and accountability are key factors that contribute to effective parent engagement.”

In 2012, while attending a conference on parent engagement, at which only 15 parents of 700 students attended, Seals came up with an idea for a product that would motivate parents to engage in their children’s education. In 2013, Seals created PimsPoints, a mobile and web app designed to ignite the critical factor of student achievement – parental engagement. The Parent Involvement Management System (PIMS) is a software tool that engages parents and families at a higher level, offering instant rewards and helping to create long-term positive effects on students’ academic achievements. Since 2014, PimsPoints has been the go-to program for school districts, the North Carolina Department of Juvenile Justice and the Louisiana State Department of Education.

Lovell Seals
A native of Kansas City and CEO of IdleMind Technologies LLC.
Bachelor’s in Elementary Education from Xavier University, New Orleans, LA.

Effective parental engagement

At PimsPoints, we believe parent engagement is the most influential factor in successful education. Created by an educator who understands that COMMUNICATION, OPPORTUNITY and ACCOUNTABILITY are vital factors that contribute to effective parent engagement, PimsPoints helps schools engage parents in their children’s education, motivates parents to stay involved and offers partnerships with local businesses.


Partnerships tend to decline across the grades unless schools and teachers work to develop and implement appropriate practices of collaboration at each grade level. With PimsPoints, all the parent engagement programs, activities, communications and reporting are in one central location, and PimsPoints even rewards parents for being active participants in their children’s school-related activities.


All families care about their children, want them to succeed and are eager to obtain quality information from schools and communities to remain effective partners in their children’s education. Unfortunately, as much as they might want to, many teachers and administrators do not know how to build positive and productive programs. PimsPoints offers a solution to engaging parents by centralizing parent engagement activities and communications.


The most effective way to achieve student success is by increasing parental engagement. PimsPoints helps parents to easily implement a powerful parental engagement program, rewards parents’ engagement, nurtures partnerships between the community and the school and motivates the districts to find innovative ways to partner with families.